Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 07,2012 - Contemporary Musings wrt Work nature and Work Life

Precursory Warning : The entire following analogy is on a humorous note and a very amusing personal opinion! No offense is intended to anyone and so none should be taken. :) 

No matter what the work title says (viz. Analyst,Specialist,System/Application engineer,Tester etc.), the fact of the matter is we (people with such work titles) are all investigators / detectives. The fictional detectives investigated the cases and solved the crime by nailing the criminals and then their act culminated by handing over the criminals to the judicial systems for delivering the justice. We on the other hand, investigate and identify the cause of the issues (might be a cliche but stereo typically classified as bugs) and then culminate our act by handing it over to the R&D guys to deliver the justice to the issues. :D

Bottom line is we (people with above mentioned work titles) are all possible Sherlock Holmes characters in a very technical role :) This my dear Watson is elementary :D


  1. SpiritualIconoclastJuly 9, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    Agree to the analogy and its technical perfection..

    But I think vice versa the Job of detective is of Analyst and all intellectual jobs (jobs in which person is paid for use of nothing but his mind) are of virtually dissecting and connecting the things to form or portray or reveal or unveil something which is new or creates desired effect(again intellectual) in particular context.

    And even the Sherlock Holmes the character itself is example of one of the Superior creation of psyche....

    All these are mind games.. some of the mazes designed and created to keep other minds busy to rip the livings by showing the way out of it.... if one's maze is enough complicated then Much more than living*

    * living in financial context..

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