Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A job well begun is half done

April 10, 2012
With all the determination from yesterday, I started today’s preparation with a lot of gutso. The BeattheGmat daily question of the day is a nice start to have to the preparation. By signing up for this free service on the btg site, one gets one question each for Quant and Verbal daily. The level of questions varies and is a good daily tonic to have when taking on the GMAT. I had signed up for this service on my previous attempt as well but had not followed up on it. This time around I am dead serious of doing it on a daily basis regularly.
Another good resource is the 60-day guide on BTG. We get a daily list of activities and reading to follow and it is also a good practice. These though are my personal opinions as I traverse my path from 630 to 740.

The first problem (9 points and triangles) that I received in the daily quant itself stumped me. Even though I had seen this problem before I could not solve it. On reviewing the solution I feel that this was a tough one to start with and as mentioned in the comments it was a sure 750+ question. That said, it will be questions like this one that will be posed in the actual test if I intend to achieve my target score. A lot of work needs to be done in the quant arena if I am to improve from Q43 to Q50. It is surely possible and I am confident that I will make the leap this  time.

Another good resource that I encountered was the mastergmat website. I signed up for their free service which is valid for 1 week. I started with  the POE (Process Of Elimination) strategy and found it to be really good and effective for the problems in the review. Whether this can be used for all problems or not will be revealed as my practice sessions heat up. I will keep you updated on how this goes. I have not started with the verbal section as yet. I think I will start working on verbal from the coming week.
I feel an air of positivity in my preparation this time and the determination to see this through. Hope this stays till the end. 

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